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Wealth Management System (WMS)

Wealth Management System (WMS)

WMS is designed to help banks in managing various wealth products and optimize its effort in delivering wealth management services to their customers.

Wealth Management System (WMS)
Wealth Management System (WMS)


Web & Mobile (Android / iOS)


Cross Platform


Bank, Wealth Management Company, Financial Advisor

Features of WMS Modules

Foundation Modules

serves as a relationship manager to easily assemble both qualitative and quantitative information about clients and their investment patterns. 

Customer Contact Management (CCM)

stores the bank customers’ profiles for various marketing activity planning purposes which also comes with tracking tools to monitor its effectiveness. It also can serve as compliance purposes such as applying AMLA compliance and Customer Blacklist Screening.

Unit Trust Sales

is specifically designed to support unit trust/mutual fund business processes such as: order management, generate and monitor sales while complying with the regulations and to provide funds supermarket to the customers.

Fixed Income

is designed to support fixed income transactions particularly long-term investments with all types of bonds can be sold to retail investors. In particular, retail investors with smaller denominations with business scheme such as Broker-Dealer Concept and Inventory Concept are also covered by this system.

Financial Planning

is a comprehensive planning tools that facilitate financial advisory and relationship manager in giving financial situation analysis, creating financial goals and also monitoring portfolio performances of each selected portfolio model.

API Webservices

are provided to be consumed by other systems to integrate or communicate using several functions in WMS.